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Teal Stabilised Sweet Chestnut Burr Handle Blocks

Teal Stabilised Sweet Chestnut Burr Handle Blocks

These are some of my all time favourite pieces with incredible figure all the way through.

Blocks are numbered in the photos at the top left corner of the block and have even colouring and pattern both sides. These are teal dyed and are approx. 30x56x140mm or bigger.

The market has recently been flooded with low quality stabilised wood thanks to cheap vacuum chambers and diy videos. Our stabilised wood comes from years of experience using high quality vacuum and pressure chambers and the finest burliest UK sourced wood.

stabilising is the process of forcing a particular type of resin deep into the pores of the wood using vacuum chambers and pressure pots and a lot of patience! This hardens the wood and makes it far more resistant to moisture and aging. Adding dye to that resin colours the wood all the way though the block. All the patterning comes from the grain of the wood. There are different kinds of stabilising resin, but most will not fill voids, for that you need epoxy or UV casting resin.

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