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220mm Stainless San-Mai Bunka | Handmade Kitchen Knives

220mm Stainless San-Mai Bunka | Handmade Kitchen Knives

The star of the show here is the fine 26c3 carbon steel edge which allows this one to effortlessly and smoothly cut even the softest foods. The high hardness allows for a finer sharpening angle without compromising edge retention. It requires a little more care than some of our other knives but it will make slicing meat and vegetables an absolute dream. The carbon steel is laminated with stainless steel in a san-mai style construction to give the best of both worlds; good corrosion resistance and an easy to sharpen super fine edge. 

Stainless San-Mai Bunka Features:

  • Handmade in the U.K.
  • San-mai steel.
  • Takedown handle build.
  • multi dyed and stabilised Horse Chestnut handle.
  • High gloss handle finish.
  • Food-safe wax coating.
  • Display stand.
  • Wooden box with fitted foam insert.
  • Thin semi-convex edge.
  • Recessed, domed mirror pin. 


  • Stainless jacker over 26c3 carbon steel core.
  • 220mm - 8 3/4 ” blade length.
  • 60mm - 2 3/8 “ tall at the heel.
  • Weighs 200g - 0.44lb.
  • ~63hrc.
  • 15 degree sharpening angle

The high gloss handle finish is not only gorgeous, but relatively hard wearing and non slip.

The blade has a hard, food-safe wax finish to help preserve the colouring and remove the need for oiling during daily use. The handle can be removed for repairs and maintenance and with an heirloom fit, it should last a lifetime. Please check out the Maintaining blades page for more info and pick up some protective wax to keep all your blades pristine. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us directly.

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