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100mm Paring knife | Handmade Kitchen Knives

100mm Paring knife | Handmade Kitchen Knives

This is quite a unique steel, It is made up of three layers of 80crv2 carbon steel separated by copper and nickel. The overall look is similar to our dark-mai steel, but with burnt orange copper wrapping around the nickel layer, barely visible in photos. Perfect for general use and detail work, this is a lovely little paring knife will suit any kitchen.

Paring knife Features:

  • Handmade in the U.K. 
  • Cu-Mai carbon steel blade.
  • Takedown handle build.
  • Green dyed and stabilised wood handle.
  • High satin handle finish.
  • Food-safe wax coating.
  • Wooden box with fitted foam insert.
  • Thin / general purpose semi-convex  edge.
  • Dark etched finish.
  • Recessed, domed mirror pin. 


  • 100mm - 4” blade length.
  • 30mm - 1 3/16“ tall at the heel
  • Weighs 88g - 0.2lb.
  • 80crv2 carbon steel
  • ~61hrc.

The blade has a hard, food-safe wax finish to help preserve the colouring and remove the need for oiling during daily use. The handle can be removed for repairs and maintenance and with an heirloom fit, it should last a lifetime. Please check out the Maintaining blades page for more info and pick up some protective wax to keep all your blades pristine. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us directly. 

80crv2 is a tough steel so you don’t have to be too worried about chipping it despite the thin edge. Like most carbon steels, it is easy to sharpen and keep a hair-popping edge.

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