Random pattern Damascus billet

Random pattern Damascus billet

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Handmade random pattern damascus billet.

80crv2 and 15n20 steel. 4mm thick 4x27cm.

As you cut through the piece more detail will appear giving you a beautiful interesting refined pattern once etched. Please bear in mind all billets are different and the final finish depends on the blade and finishing process. There are many ways to finish a damascus blade, you can etch with ferric chloride and clean with a brush, steel wool, fine sandpaper or a buffing wheel to achieve the desired finish.

The billet has been normalised and is drill able with carbide drills and decent hss drills. I’d recommend carbide tipped drills for good value when working with laminated steel. Normalizing cycles are recommended when heat treating any laminated steel. The piece has been sanded and etched lightly to show the pattern but there will be some scale and rough spots from forging. There is a precision surface ground option which will leave the faces smooth, flat and an accurate thickness.

I am always more than happy to make custom billets for special requirements, please message me and ill get back to you as soon as I can.

surface finish:
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