Mini Damascus Cut-throat Razor

Mini Damascus Cut-throat Razor

from 79.00

Bespoke handmade mini damascus Cut-throat razor with ebony scales.

These mini razors are made or order and will have a unique Damascus pattern. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.


  • Shave ready

  • 1.5 inch damascus blade

  • ebony scales

  • handmade

  • stainless steel pin and titanium washers

Hand forged and shaped, hollow ground, hand sanded, etched and polished before being fitted with beautiful ebony scales finished with a laser engraved logo. These razor are one of a kind and unique.

I make the Damscus from 80crv2 and 15n20 and rough forge the blades. Ill then grind the blade to shape and cut in the bevels before heat treat. After heat treat the blade is thinned, refined and polished. It is etched in ferric chloride and polished to reveal the pattern. The case is made by splitting a single piece of ebony to make a matching set of scales. The pieces are thinned and shaped, hand sanded and buffed. Titanium washers are made by hand, punched out of a sheet and turned down to size to stop the pin splitting the scales. A stainless steel pin is carefully penned at both ends to hold the scales on and give the right amount of friction opening and closing. To finish, I will hone and strop the blade ready for shaving.

I’m also offering dyed and stabilised Chestnut scales for these for a limited time, please select the option at check out and message me for some colour options. Should be able to do blue, green, red ,yellow and purple.

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