Damascus San-Mai Blade

Damascus San-Mai Blade


Custom handmade Damascus San-Mai hunting/ Bowie/ machete with airbrushed leather sheath

The Damascus is made with 1095 and 15n20, it has to be drawn out to twice its original length so it can be cut to make matching outer layers for the san mai. The Damscus san mai is made with 1095 sandwiched between nickel sheet and the drawn out damascus. The pieces are sanded smooth, de greased and tack welded together, then heated to near 1300 degrees c, fluxed and carefully hammered together. This process is repeated 4-5 times before the mild steel from the tack welds is ground out and all the welds are checked round the edge. The billet is forged to the right width and thickness, and the tang is drawn out and shaped. After annealing, the blank is profiled and soaked in vinegar over night so the scale can be wire brushed off easily. The bevel is rough ground and then the blade is heat treated. After heat treat the blade is thinned, refined and polished. The blade is etched to reveal the pattern. The handle is made by splitting a single piece of exotic wood to make a matching set of scales, the pieces are then thinned in the mill to the create the space for the tang to fit, and then sanded to shape. They are then glued together, hand sanded and buffed. Stainless pins are made from round tube, turned to the right diameter and shaped at the ends. The handle and the pins are then polished and oiled before the blade is sharpened ready for use.


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Custom handmade Damascus Sam-Mai blade with leather sheath.

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