Handmade Bush craft knife

Handmade Bush craft knife


custom bush craft knife with etched blade and micarta handle.


  • 6mm (1/4") tool steel blade

  • Black micarta handle

  • 90 degree spine

  • steel ferrocerium rod fire starter

  • leather sheath left or right handed

  • OAL: 10.25 inches

  • 5.5 inch cutting edge

  • optional crack textured sheath

The blade is ground to shape and beveled by hand using a belt sander, the holes for pins are drilled and the blade is hardened and tempered. The bevels then are refined, hand sanded and polished ready for the handle to be fitted. The handle starts life as a sheet of micarta which is drilled and rough shaped before being glued on to the blade using epoxy resin. The angles on the front of the handle are sanded and buffed meticulously before the scales are glued, and the rest of the handle is shaped freehand on the belt sander. The handle is hand sanded up to 1000 grit, buffed and then the blade is sharpened and the edge is polished and stropped.

The leather sheath is cut out using a template from the prototype blade, glued together and hand stitched. 

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