Custom San-mai Hamdmade Cutthroat Razor

Custom San-mai Hamdmade Cutthroat Razor


Hand forged San-mai carbon steel straight razor split down the spine, textured rosewood case, phosphor bronze pin and titanium washers.


  • 2 inch San-mai blade
  • Rosewood case
  • titanium washers and phosphor bronze pin

This sam-mai blade is a one off custom design that has been split down the spine due to the effects of forge welding tool steel, and using a full quench to harden the blade. The blade was stress tested in its most brittle state and did not show any signs of compromised strength; the welds are fully intact, it is the tool steel core that has split perfectly down the center, and then filled with resin to create a beautiful effect. This is one of my favorite razors of all time and holds a very good edge. If you have any questions about this blade please don't hesitate to ask.

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