Custom Handmade Hunting/ Skinning Knife

Custom Handmade Hunting/ Skinning Knife


This is a very special blade, its the first KWB design to have a fuller (blood grove). The blade is 5mm thick and has a re-curve drop point polished cutting edge.


  • Tool steel blade

  • Textured leather sheath

  • Rippled maple and ebony handle

  • stainless pins

  • razor sharp polished edge

  • 9.5 inch OAL

  • 5 inch cutting edge

  • 5mm blade thickness

  • approx 60hrc hardness

This blade was made as a one off custom design. It was drawn out roughly on a sheet of tool steel, rough ground, fullered and beveled freehand on a belt sander. The two piece handle was first joined together using wood glue to make scales. 6 pins were used to ensure a very tight and precise fit to the blade as the handle is shaped and then hand sanded to 100 grit, buffed waxed, sealed, sanded and buffed again to give a beautiful waterproof glossy 3D look to the maple and ebony wood. The blade is then hardened and tempered before the bevels and fullers are refined, hand sanded and polished. The blade is etched to give it the oily black grey stone look and then the handle is fitted.

The leather sheath is cut out of a sheet of premium quality leather, and hand stitched with care. The blade is sharpened and the edge is polished and stopped to give an almost shaving sharp, yet durable cutting edge.

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